CPSC 601.75: Design Methodology

This course presented a number of design methodologies from a variety of different fields; hence this is really a multi-disciplinary course and its CPSC label may be a bit misleading. Being a computer scientist, though, some of my projects are directly related to my research and therefore bound to computer science. Visiting speakers talked about design in the fine arts, environmental design and architecture, evolutionary programming, animation, and biological modeling.

Project One

Our first project involves applying one of the design methodogies we have heard about to some aspect of our research. I chose to produce a short animation of a snowlily using Maya, based on the principles laid out in John Lasseter's landmark SIGGRAPH paper, Principles of Traditional Animation Applied to 3D Computer Animation.


Project Two

Kees van Overveld, from Eindhoven University in the Netherlands, entertained us for two weeks with his course on creative problem solving. Kees posed us the daunting task of organizing the distribution and serving of coffee for a hypothetical pop concert to be held in Calgary next year. Expected attendance of the concert: 6 million people. How did we manage? Follow the links and read on...