CPSC 581: Advanced Human Computer Interaction

This undergraduate course is really a graduate course in disguise! Lots and lots of project work - but its all worth it. The goal of the course was to explore fresh approaches to user interfaces, particularly in groupware environments, while heightening the user experience. All the projects were built in Visual Basic - darn platform dependence :) - but it enabled us to make use of the preexisting groupware libraries. Each project below contains a visual summary, APIs to any new widgets, and full source code (due to the late night coding frenzies, most of it is sparsely commented, so beware!):

  • Literal Button: A warm-up assignment at building widgets. A radical new interface for clickable buttons - maybe too radical??
  • Real Estate System: Makes use of my data gradient slider widget to enhance dynamic queries
  • Group Slideshow: A groupware widget and application allowing multiple users to view the same set of slides simultaneously or individually, as desired.
  • Weather Phidget: Physical widgets project. Finally, we get to work outside of the box. My world thermometer/hydrometer looks very whimsical, but it might have a glimmer of promise!
  • Photoscape: Semester long project to build a digital photo management system.