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Sample Files

These are the files output by the Entropy module for the sunflower model distributed with l-studio and vLab. To render, run Entropy on the view file sunflower.ent and ensure that the other files are in the same directory.

The view file, sunflower.ent, stores all the settings for camera position, image options, and lighting conditions. This file is meant to be edited by the user to set up the desired view for the model. The remaining files are geometry files, consisting of the surface files for describing bicubic surfaces and the main geometry file, sunflower_geometry.ent, for describing the remainder of the plant. Geometry files contain calls to primitives and surface shaders supported by Entropy. The motiviation for generating two sets of files, a view file and geometry files, is as follows:

  • All the important, user-definable rendering settings are kept in the small, easily-managed view file. The geometry data is almost never edited directly by the user, so it makes sense to keep this data separate.
  • Geometry files are typically very large in size. By separating them from the view file, opening and saving the view file is much faster.
  • Several view files can be saved for different views of a model, while relying on the same set of geometry files.
  • Instancing of plant models requires only the geometry files.