CPSC 581/599.81
Interaction Design

Saul Greenberg (instructor)

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by Martin Fuhrer

With the rise of digital photography, one of the most growing needs of end-users is the ability to deal effectively with potentially hundreds of digital photos. Numerous photo management programs have been marketed with varying degrees of success, allowing users to carry out tasks such as grouping photos into categories , viewing them according to time, and searching with the use of keywords. In this project, I have attempted to create a photo management system based on the paradigm of location. Humans are generally very good at recalling places where photos have been taken - if not the precise location, then at least the general area. I have tried to harness this ability by providing a map workspace on which photos can be placed and arranged spatially.

I invite you to take a look at at my work:

  1. Visual Summary
  2. Documentation for Photo and KeywordBox controls
  3. My known bugs/missing features list
  4. Brief heuristic evaluation
  5. Download a zip file or gzip file containing a Visual Basic 6.0 project group with the entire project
  6. Download the executable and set of photos
  7. Download the Photo Control and KeywordBox control as VB controls

Important Note on System Requirements and Installation

This demo of Photoscape makes use of a large, detailed PDF map which requires a great deal of processing muscle. For decent performance, I would recommend no less than a Pentium III 800 Mhz. If performance is very poor, replace the PDF map "BigThree.pdf" with a blank PDF document. Although no map will be visible in Photoscape's workspace, you can still manipulate photos in the workspace as if a map were still present.Photoscape makes use of the following components, which must be installed beforehand:

The Photos folder must reside within the same directory as the Photoscape folder (do not place the Photos folder inside the Photoscape folder). Currently all photos in the demo are hardcoded, so do not change the names of any jpeg files inside the Photos folder.

Similarly, if you download just the executable and set of photos, create a new folder called "Photoscape" and place the executable inside this folder. Now make sure that the Photoscape folder and Photos folder reside in the same directory. It should now be safe to run the executable.


I would also like to acknowledge the following persons whose ideas and work I have incorporated into this project. This type of collaboration is indispensable in helping me to carry out my work:

Submitted on April 24, 2001