CPSC 581/599.81
Interaction Design

Saul Greenberg (instructor)

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Group Slide Show
by Martin Fuhrer

This project explored the use of a shared dictionary to create a widget that can be used in a groupware context. I chose to build a groupware slider widget, which displays a slider thumb for each user connected to the shared dictionary. When a user moves the thumb on his client, the corresponding thumb on the sliders of all the other clients will move to the new position as well. The main HCI challenge was to allow a user to browse the slide show both in an independent fashion, with no interference from other users, and in a collaborative fashion, allowing his thumb (and hence his view of the slides) to be manipulated by others.

To demonstrate the practicality of the groupware slider widget, I built a group slide show demo. Users can view the slides by moving their thumb along the slider. If they wish to view slides together, they can latch their thumbs onto a leader's thumb. Wherever the leader's thumb moves, the "latched" thumbs will follow.

I invite you to take a look at at my work:

  1. Visual Summary
  2. Documentation
  3. Download a zip file containing a Visual Basic 6.0 project group containing the entire project
  4. Download the executable and the set of photos*
  5. Download Group Slider as a VB control

* Be sure to place the executable and the "Photos" folder in the same directory before running. Optionally, you can supply your own set of photos. The collection of photos must be inside a folder named "Photos." There must be exactly twenty photos in this collection, named "slide1.jpg" through "slide20.jpg".

I would also like to acknowledge the following persons whose ideas and work I have incorporated into this project. This type of collaboration is indispensable in helping me to carry out my work:

Submitted on March 23, 2001