International Basin

Three Swiss, two Canadians, one Austrian, and one Australian spent four days, August 19 - 22, 2002, in the aptly named International Basin. Tucked away behind the Spillimacheen Valley, International Basin offered us alpine scenery at its best with weather to match. Flower meadows are abundant but probably best seen at the beginning of August, before frost arrives. Small but exceptionally scenic lakes dot the upper end of the basin. Several peaks offer one-day scrambling opportunities from the International Basin Hut built by the Columbia Valley Hut Association.

For more information on accessing International Basin, take a look at the route description in Aaron Cameron's Hikes Around Invermere.

Photo Gallery

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Crossing Spillimacheen Glacier

Serious Photographer at Work

Overlooking International Basin

International Basin Hut

Lower Lake

Upper Lake

Enjoying the View

Mountain Goats

International Basin Viewpoint

Climbing Mt. Sibbald

Brian and Chris on Sibbald

Messerlis & Hans on Sibbald

Unnamed Peak

Battlement Mountain

Canyon Below Upper Lake

Hans Overlooking Upper Lake

Yours Truly

Here is a panoramic view from the summit of Mt. Sibbald. Click on the image or here to download the larger, wider version (somewhat blurry due to stitching together a series of low resolution images).



For reality television fans: Guy Messerli narrowly escapes an avalanche of snow and rock. Okay, he actually wasn't in much danger (Reality television must have some melodramatic comment) but the slide was an interesting sight nevertheless.

Disclaimer (updated Aug 23, 2003): For the record, this is in no way related to professional Canadian Avalanche control measures. It is a purely amateur demonstration by a bunch of old farts venturing out in the mountains ;-)

With this daring effort, we hope to make a debut in mountain films at the world-renowned Banff Mountain Film Festival. Be sure to look for copies of our promotional poster (below - thanks Gunti Prinz and Marianne Messerli). Then again, maybe we'll just offer these works exclusively at this website. :)